Fully iced Filet d'Or necklace - Yellow Gold

Fully iced ROUND BRILLIANT CUT stone, micro pave set in yellow gold necklace

Necklace in yellow gold set with 187 white round crystal stones.

Pendant size approx at 50mm wide and 10mm high, laced with 45cm small chain.

As a tribute to equestrian buckles, the bit of the Filet d'Or is adorned with light chains. Its fine curves can also be adorned with the white stones.

Round Brilliant-Cut The Round Brilliant Cut dates back to 1919, when Marcel Tolkowsky calculated a formula for proportional diamond design to maximize fire, brilliance and wearability, published as “Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond.” 

Pavé Set - The technique of pavé (“pa-vay,”) setting involves setting small diamonds closely together with as little visible prongs or metal holding the stones, giving the impression of seamless sparkle. Pavé setting dates back to the 1700s with increased popularity in the 1900s through the present.

Rose Gold - Rose gold is a mix of yellow gold and (usually) copper used to give a pinkish tone to the metal. The exact combination of the alloy can vary, giving different shades and tones of red to pink. Rose gold first became popular in 19th century Russia, and continues to be used in fine jewelry for its flattering tones.