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Jesus Pieces by Bijouterie Gonin

Our Jesus Pieces are made of the highest quality materials with flawless simulated diamonds. Every pendant comes with a FREE necklace and  lifetime warranty against tarnishing! We handcrafted each design from wax to moulding, all starting from the scratch. You would not see the design elsewhere. 

History of Jesus Piece Necklaces

Many people use their appearance to show off who they are as a person. This includes not just clothes, but also accessories, like jewelry. The jewelry people wear can significantly characterize them as a person. One kind of jewelry that people like to wear are Jesus pieces. This can add to a person’s style and comes in many different varieties; however, it may be difficult to find a store in the area that sells this jewelry. It is important to do research to find where to get the best pendants for the best quality, and at an affordable price, too.

Jesus piece necklaces have been around for decades now. They started in the hip-hop culture, when the infamous rapper Notorious BIG sported one and included it in his raps. Today, these necklaces are still in style and are worn by more and more rappers. The trend was recently ignited by the rapper Kanye West. He joined the famous jeweler, Jacob Arabo, in order to create and release his own line of religious themed jewelry. 

After Kanye began wearing his own jewelry around, many other celebrities followed suit. They soon began to adopt the style and were seen wearing either an iced out Jesus piece that was adorned with gemstones or a plain gold piece. Celebrities that are seen wearing them range from Big Sean to Jay Z to Kid Cudi. Jay Z even teamed up with Kanye to make a rare black Jesus piece out of black diamonds and black metal. It’s not only rappers wear these either. Noteworthy athletes, like Lebron James, have also been seen wearing these unique and iconic pieces of jewelry. 

One of the most famous jewelers, who is credited with popularizing diamond Jesus piece necklaces and many other forms of hip-hop jewelry, Jacob Arabo, is known as “Jacob the Jeweler.” Given this name by the many celebrities he has worked with, they are the reason for his success in the hip-hop industry. From Biggie Smalls to Jay-Z and LL Cool J, there aren’t many famous celebrities in the hip-hop scene that Jacob hasn’t worked with. Another famous designer, Takashi Murakami, is actually a contemporary Japanese artist. He is known for his close work in designing extravagant Jesus piece jewelry for Kanye West.


Types of Jesus Pieces

Wearing jewelry is one way for people to express themselves and show off their personalities. Accessorizing with unique and distinct pieces like mini Jesus necklaces will be sure to leave an impression on others. Some stores even sell look alike pieces in order to replicate famous rappers’ Jesus necklaces at a more affordable price. So now, people can use them to to look just like their favorite rappers and celebrities. Whether this Jesus piece necklace is to dress up for Halloween, or for everyday accessorizing, your accessory will be unique to your style and make a statement about your sense of fashion. 

To add to the uniqueness of this jewelry, Jesus piece necklaces come in various different styles. There are two main types: an iced out or a plain gold piece. The plain pieces can be chosen from various types of metals, like brass, silver, or platinum. These metals can be colored or gold plated. They can range from silver to black to rose gold. Iced out necklaces are also available in these different metals and colors, but they also have some additional materials to them. 

Iced out pieces are studded with stones. The more expensive ones are covered with individual diamonds, but for a more reasonable price, Cubic Zirconia is used to stud the necklaces. This makes it look and appear just like diamonds, yet it costs much cheaper. These studs do not just come with diamonds, though. Many celebrities and rappers have been seen sporting a real Jesus piece studded with other various types of gemstones, as well. For example, some are seen with ruby tears running down the face.


Bijouterie Gonin is the Go-To Shop

Most of the Jesus necklaces come at a decent size, and typically hang around 30 inches long. But if the size is of the pendant is too large, or weight too much, there are also micro Jesus pieces available for purchase at Bijouterie Gonin. This way, the weight of the pendant does not have to pull on a person’s neck all day, or be too bold for the outfit. Instead, a mini pendant is perfect in weight and won’t overbear any outfits. 

Jesus pendants should not be purchased just anywhere. There are many stores that could be scammers and sell pieces that are made of plastic for hundreds of dollars. That is why it is important to do research on where to buy the best quality pieces. However, if the quality is too good, with solid gold and real diamonds, then it could cost a fortune. Sites like IfandCo sell them for hundreds of dollars, but not everyone can spend this amount of money on this jewelry. It is helpful to look on Bijouterie Gonin, where great quality pieces can be bought without breaking the bank. 

Jesus pieces are on the rise in fashion and can be seen worn by countless celebrities and hip-hop artists. They come in various forms and styles: gold, silver, iced, covered in other gemstones. The options are almost endless. If the regular size is too big, there is even a micro size in order to satisfy all customers wishes. There is something for almost anyone who wishes to have a Jesus piece necklace.


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While not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on jewelry covered in diamonds, there are more affordable options, like the necklaces using cubic zirconia from Bijouterie Gonin. This provides an option that will look just like the famous celebrities, but won’t break the bank in the process. There are so many options to choose from that people can research ahead of time to make sure they know exactly what they want, and to ensure they will get the best quality at an affordable price. Shop the site now!